Friday, August 29, 2008

Rain and now fall?!!?!

Wow! We finally got rain. It rained for days, which made most folks cranky but those of us with livestock were happy indeed! Unfortunately, the hot weather has left us. Actually, the warm weather has left too!!

Our landscaper finished all the gardens around the house before the rain and they are looking pretty without all the weeds. Too bad it's kinda late to plant flowers, next year! I'm looking forward to an array of colourful flowers instead of all the nasty weeds that took over the past two years.

The lovely lambs are growing like weeds! They are adorable. I am going to start halter training some of them in the next week. This outta be fun! Pictures to follow!

We had the most lovely sunset the other night. I just had to take pictures of it. So, I'll sign off with the loveliest sight I've seen in a long time.