Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall is full on!

Fall has hit and I fear winter isn't far! I haven't had a chance to post in a while, way too much going on.

The animals, all 29 of them, have been vaccinated, toes trimmed and are getting ready for a cold winter. Pictured here are some of the ewes waiting for their turn!

The fleeces on the Shetlands are dense, soft and going to be very yummy!! Fall chores are taking place, although the weather may not hold off long enough to get everything done. We're crossing our fingers.

Last Friday we had our veterinarian visit the farm for an inventory for the entire flock so that we can get onto the Scrapie Canada program. All went well, the application and necessary paperwork is in the mail and now we wait to hear from the program coordinator. The vet., I might add, fell in love with the Shetlands. They were little darlings and the vet. was impressed with the variety of colours.

The weekend was busy with us hauling the hay we needed to get us through the winter. As we've been feeding hay, first as a suppliment starting in July and then as the only means of food in August, due to a drought. I'm hoping next year is easier on us and that the pastures are rich and green.

Only one new pictures of our newest additions to our flock. This is Heidi and her twin ewes (they are a Finn/Gotland/Shetland mix). We brought Heidi and one of her daughters home to live at our farm. In addition to Heidi and her lamb, we have one beautiful black ram with UK genetics two white ewes, and a Shaela ewe. I'll be able to get pictures of the rest of the new additions this weekend and post them then.

Anhow, I think all we have left to do is make some low fence line feeders and find some shelters for those nasty cold wintery days we get up here in the Great White North.