Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New ewe lambs coming from the East

Thanks to Bill at Willow Garden, I have four new ewe lambs to add to my flock! Beautiful colours & genetics which I'm sure will be a great addition and next step for this new shepherd.

A spotted gulmoget ewe.

A beautiful fawn Katmoget ewe.

A sweet white ewe.

HST, Yuglet/flecket ewe. She carries a moorit gene too!

Their arrive is going to be a week before I had actually planned them, so arrangements are being made so that I can pick them up after my visit back home (Western New York) with my daughter before she is deployed mid July.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

June happenings

It's been busy around the farm as of late. Lambs to look after, ewes that are endlessly eating. The rams are happily lazing around, enjoying the good days and just hiding away in their shelter during the rain storms.

The ever ending "to do" list is, just that, never ending. We have had another section of pasture fenced and planted to meet the demand of a growing flock of Shetlands. They are addicting!!

Two of my rams, Fibre Works Indiana Jones and
Fibre Works Isidor, enjoy clearing out some of our
overgrown woods.

I've been waiting since January for our Electranet fencing to arrive. In the meantime, I've been stringing up portable wire electic fencing. I am happy to say that they shipped the Electranet fence out yesterday, so we should see it in the next day or so!

This is our farms very first lamb,
Windy Grange Apollo, a white Ilget/slight Yulget.
He is absolutely beautiful!
He's got great confirmation, a fleece as soft as corn starch,
great tail and horns. He's definitely a keeper.

That's his mom, Fibre Works ISP (Issy), a black Flecket, in the background.

The strange weather, scattered showers with thunder/lightening storms, we've been having lately certainly puts a halt on outside work. No matter, I've been working on bringing in new ewes with new genetics into my flock. It takes a lot of research, but with the help of Dennis & Beth from Milehaus Farms, I'll have new ewes next month from Ontario. It seems there was some already coming at that time from Willow Gardens. Bill has been a huge help! We're looking at a few from Ewenique Farms and Nathalie has been so quick at answering questions and such. With three of us bringing in sheep the freight should be a little less. Lets cross our fingers on that since the cost of fuel has sky rocketed. Pictures of the new gals once my final decision has been made.

Well, time to do inside work so that the house is presentable to friends and family, and my husband!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

April Showers bring May flowers, but June brings ...

June brings long green grass for the sheep to graze upon. So far, all it going GREAT! I love my Shetlands and their lambs. I try to spend lots of time with them, so they are used to me being around which makes working with them so much easier. Highwood and Falerno love their scratches, and Issy always needs to join in! She hates missing anything that inquisitive ewe.

The lambs are getting used to me being around and love gathering around to nibble on a shoe or a finger. A few have found the love of scratches!! Even the rams come to the gate for a few scratches.

Here some of the lambs are enjoying my chair! They nibble on my backside until I get up so they can play with their toy!!

Selling them breaks my heart, but it must be done! I've posted all sale lambs on a new blog made especially for that purpose. You can find it here:

I've been waiting for a promised thunder storm, it's been disappointing because I've seen two flashes of lightening. Well, time for sleep, morning comes way too early!