Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gearing up for the busy "spring"

No pictures today, instead just a list of what is going on and what needs to be going on in the next month.

Spring - Sure wish it was here. Well, it was here, but left. The geese are feeling a bit let down since they returned and it snowed, and it snowed, and it is still snowing ... (you get the idea!)

Shearing - We originally moved shearing up by a few weeks, but have now moved it back by one due to the weather (and Easter holiday we all forgot about!) We are trying out a new shearer since our original guy keeps saying he wants to retire (and we had a bunch of second cuts in our fleeces last year), so we are letting him retire! ;0) The new shearer showed up at a friends, she only has 4 sheep, and asked if they a) needed them sheared and b) did she want the fleece for hand spinning or is it throw away? and c) he knew about our flock and we do not know him! He did a great job on those 4 fleeces and so we are going to give him a go!

We are currently looking for help for shearing day. My husband told me, after the date was booked, he was away for a course that weekend. hrmmmm .... Woman farmers will unite!! (I hope!!) :)

Lambing - 5 short weeks from the beginning of lambing! YIKES!! Time to get things cleaned up in the nursery pen!! Let's hope the weather decides to be kind to the wee ones!! 15 bred, 6 new moms and endless possibilities of colours & markings!! We used two new Sires this year!!

Wool Show - We are entering some of our fleeces, for the first time. We will be at Olds College who is hosting a 'all breeds, all colors' Wool Show June 10, 2010, during its regular one week Fiber Week activities. Any advice???

Llamas - all 5 are doing well. Our black gelding is less skittish every month. The new rescue llama is doing well. 6 weeks until we will but the stallion in with the 2 females. We have never bred llamas before, so this will be new to us.

Butcher - we have some 2009 lambs marked for the butcher. That will happen right after shearing.

Well, that is what we are doing. Life is busy, but it is good.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rescued Llama Update

Lucky, the llama my husband and I rescued, is doing fine. Her bite (on the bum), her feet, her neck and her ears are all healing well and she had no infections. She desperately needs to be sheared, but that will not happen until April 2nd when the shearer comes to do the rest of the llamas and the Shetland flock.

So, here is poor lucky who has lost her frost bitten ears. She looks so pathetic, but is actually quite happy. She has taken to the rest of the female llamas and likes to "flirt" with the stallion. The vet deemed her well enough to breed in a month along with her new mate, Rusty.

There have been rumours of who her owner is/was, but nevertheless, she has a safe home and is staying put!

Now to ready ourselves for shearing day, then lambing season!! Enjoy!!