Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rescued Llama Update

Lucky, the llama my husband and I rescued, is doing fine. Her bite (on the bum), her feet, her neck and her ears are all healing well and she had no infections. She desperately needs to be sheared, but that will not happen until April 2nd when the shearer comes to do the rest of the llamas and the Shetland flock.

So, here is poor lucky who has lost her frost bitten ears. She looks so pathetic, but is actually quite happy. She has taken to the rest of the female llamas and likes to "flirt" with the stallion. The vet deemed her well enough to breed in a month along with her new mate, Rusty.

There have been rumours of who her owner is/was, but nevertheless, she has a safe home and is staying put!

Now to ready ourselves for shearing day, then lambing season!! Enjoy!!

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