Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Llamas on guard

We just could not figure out why the llamas have been 'on guard', on and off, for the past two days. Today, I think I figured it out!

Meet the female moose (cow) that was hanging out in one of the summer pastures. Unfortunately, I am unsure how she got in there - either over or through the fence. Looks like I may have more fencing repairs to do this spring!!

Just to end the day on a nearly perfect note - this was my view from the front window this evening. I LOVE the sunsets here, they are lovely!! The sunrises can be beautiful too.


HisTek said...

Beautiful photos! Interesting moose. Hope she didn't damage the fence too much.

mallt said...

She may have not damaged it if you're lucky. I knew someone who had an encounter with a moose in his back yard... it was jumping from yard to yard along the row of houses as though the 6' fences were nothing!