Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ever had one of THOSE days??

So, we fixed the fencer and the fence - check!

Time to move the troops. Rams not in the breeding program this year moved to the newly fixed fenced area - check.

Last two breeding groups put together - check

Decided to leave the lambs with the older gals for now - check

Feed my 13 year old ewe, Heidi, her mash - check

Put things away, check gates, etc. - check

Find the entire ram flock not being used for breeding season in the driveway on the wrong side of the newly fixed fence - priceless

(and it only took 45 minutes to round them up and move them into the plan B pen!!!)

It's been 2 days since the pen mishap AND I'm happy to announce everyone is still exactly where I left them.

It's now turned cold out (-18c). Winter is here!! Happy breeding season!!