Saturday, October 19, 2013

I had not realized it has been so long since I last posted!  Life got away from me it seems.  I did start a new blog, but maintaining two is one too many.   I plan to only update here and delete the other.  So, here is what I have been up to the past year.

- Master Spinner's Course Level I
               I am still working on Level I, however I am making progress.  I feel horrible that it is taking me this long to complete the first level.  I recently purchased a great many of the books listed on the "reading and bibliography" of the course.  Many I already had.  I am washing wool and soon to process it to complete yet another portion of my homework.  I am quite excited that I am coming to the study of 10 sheep breeds and the natural dyeing portions of the course.  I need to purchase some materials for the last few assignments and have plans to do so when I travel to Calgary in a few weeks.

- Tailoring
            I am studying with a friend who is a Master Tailor.  She is teaching me new skills so that I can move from being a seamstress to a Tailor.  This is exciting to me as I always wanted to be able to manipulate fabric into something wonderful the way we can manipulate fibre into strings!!  As I have a not your average body type, this will mean that I will finally be able to have clothing that will fit properly (and perhaps last longer as well).
- Health 
          I need to start eating cleaner food and figure out why I am having allergic reactions to what I am eating.  I need to work on some sort of exercise (yoga?) routine as well.  I need to find balance in my life.  See a trend here?  While I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia many, many years ago I still think there is more to it.  Yes, my doctor has tested me for anything.  I am stubborn.  I did do an allergy elimination diet last year, which proved me to be allergic to eggs and raw tomatoes.  It also showed that I am intolerant to dairy and gluten products, as well as peppers.  I was doing very well for a while.  Then, life got out of hand and there was no time for all the cooking and food prep it takes to maintain a healthy eating routine.  So, here I am, not feeling well, having allergy symptoms, loss of concentration and feeling exhausted all the time.  I plan on sharing recipes and my progress as I change my lifestyle to a healthier one.

 This is my new Waring Pro Commericial Rated Blender 3.5 HP!  Well, it's en-route. This was step one of my food preparation and smoothies.  I've also purchased the vegan Shakeology, as it contains

Here's a video about sourcing the ingredients of Shakeology   It contains more than 70 natural ingredients derived from rich, nutrient-dense whole-food sources from around the world.
Shakeology is so incredibly healthy, no other single food item out there can supply you with all the nutrients, vitamins, proteins, and minerals in the amounts you need the way one delicious shake can.*
My daughter is a Beach Body coach  ( should anyone want any information.
 Well, that is all for now.  I must promise myself to update more often!  Another goal to balance it seems!!!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving forward

So, the Shetlands are at their new homes. 14 rams, some lambs and some mature, had to be sent to the market. Thanks to the wonderful Shetland breeders, all of my ewes and a huge amount of my rams have found wonderful homes throughout Canada.

I have moved and started a new life in Edmonton, AB. I still have 40 of this years fleeces and have decided to keep the majority of them for my own use. I have two jobs, one part time and one casual both in my field of dentistry. I am a registered dental assistant and found it quite easy to find work here.

What's next? Who knows, but it is less stressful and lovely here in the city. My main blog, Windy Grange, will become my fibre arts blog. I am going to be taking some spinning courses, continue my research on ancient textiles and work on reproducing them by spinning and weaving reproduction textiles of my own. There is also tablet weaving to study and reproduce too!!

I am going to work on felted characters. A friend has also offered to teach me how to knit, although I know the basics, I cannot follow a pattern well.

So many projects, so little time!!

Thanks for your support!! Check in from time to time and see what fibre fun is on the plate.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rams - Mature and 2010 lambs Still Available

Hi Folks!!

Thank you for the outstanding response to my sale. We have sold all of our ewes, but have many mature and 2010 ram lambs still available. They would make incredible flock sires. Please contact me for listings!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Today is the summer solstice and I think it may rain! I cannot complain, the past few days have been hot, hot, hot!! We NEED the rain, it is dry and the pasture will not continue to grow without more moisture!! I still have sheep to feed for heavens sake!! :0)

We still have 30 sheep left to sell. Prices are marked low so there are no further discounts or horn guarantees. Pictures are on my sales blog (link on the right) or by request. Here is the sales list:

Mature Ewes:

Windy Grange Annika – S 30286
Fibre Works Isidor x Fibre Works Falerno
April 29/2008 Black Iset $200

WillowGarden Alexa – S 28253
Branble Nick x Great Plains Sara
May 4/2008 White $250

Fibre Works Fiat – S 19010
Great Plains Maximmlian x Fibre Works Sundae
May 7/2004 Grey Katmoget $200

Fibre Works ISP – S 25422
Fibre Works Fandango x Fibre Works Gefion
April 27/2007 Black Flecket $250

Fibre Works Kallisto – S 304881
Fibre Works Hasan x Nier Lakes Celeste
April 27/2009 Grey $250

Mature Rams:

WillowGarden Rex Harrison – S 18040
ShltrgPine Jacob Two Too x SheltrgPines Safiye
June 7/2004 Black/White Yuglet/Flecket $250

Fibre Works Isidor – S 25420
Fibre Works Finis x Fibre works Signy
May 2/2007 White $250

Fibre Work Indiana Jones – S 25421
Fibre Works Fandango x Fibre Works Daisy
April 20/2007 grey Katmoget $250

Nier Lakes Emmet – S 28304
WillowGarden Duke of York x Nier Lakes Emmy-Lou
May 9/2005 Black flecket $250

Windy Grange Apollo – S 30285
WillowGarden Rex Harrison x Fibre Works ISP “Issy”
April 23/2008 White Ilget $250

Windy Grange Blance –
Fibre Works Isidor x Fibre Works Fonteyn
May 4/2009 White $250

Windy Grange Bo - Fibre Works Isidor x Fibre Works Eureka
May 6/2009 White $250

Windy Grange Benji –
Fibre Works Falerno x Whistlestop 0531 AI
May 7/2009 Black $250

Windy Grange Brone –
Fibre Works Highwood x Whistlestop 0531 AI
May 8/2009 Mioget $250

2010 Lamb Ewes:

Windy Grange Caramel –
WillowGarden Rex Harrison x Fibre Works Easter
Twin Moorit Bleset $250

Windy Grange Ceallach –
WillowGarden Rex Harrison x Fibre Works Easter
Twin Musket Krunet/Bielset$250

Windy Grange Cora –
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Fiat
Quad Grey Katmoget $250

Windy Grange Camilla
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Eureka
Twin Black Krunet/Bleset $250

Windy Grange Christoff –
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works ISP
Twin Black Smirslet

Windy Grange Chica –
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Highwood
Twin White/Black Yuglet/Flecket $250

Windy Grange Cappicino
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Falerno
Twin Moorit Slight Krunet $250

Windy Grange Cass –
Nier Lakes Emmet x WillowGarden Adella
Twin Moorit Flecket/Yulget $250

2010 Lamb Rams:

Windy Grange Coal –
WillowGarden Rex Harrison x Windy Grange Annika
Twin Black krunet $150

Windy Grange Coco –
WillowGarden Rex Harrison x Windy Grange Annika
Twin Black krunet $150

Windy Grange Ciara –
WillowGarden Alexa x Windy Grange Apollo
Single Black Bleset $150

Windy Grange Chaucer
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Fiat
Quad Black/White Flecket/Yuglet/Sokket $150

Windy Grange Calli Lilli –
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works ISP
Twin Black/White Flecket/Yuglet $150

Windy Grange Circee –
Nier Lakes Emmet x WillowGarden Adella
Twin Black Yulget/Sokket (Flecket?) $150

Windy Grange Chico –
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Highwood
Twin White/Black Yuglet/Flecket $150

Windy Grange Caper –
Nier Lakes Emmet x Fibre Works Falerno
Twin Black Krunet $150

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sales List is complete

I would first like that thank everyone that has sent me such kind and supportive messages. Disbursing a flock of beloved Shetlands is not an easy task in so many ways!!

I have a complete sales list of all our Shetlands and it is available to anyone wanting to peruse it. Please contact me at and I will send it to you.

Again, thank you for your support!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So, it is at hand ....

I sadly have to announce that I must disperse the flock. I am moving and I cannot take any of them with me. :-(

If you know of ANYONE wanting Shetland breeding stock, please have them contact me. I have only had my Shetlands for 3 years, but have worked hard at having breed standard animals with beautiful fleeces.

Of course, I'll be keeping more of my fleeces than I expected, but at least I will have something of my lovely Shetlands.

I will be reducing the prices and all the animals listed on my breeding stock blog will become available as the person who was going to purchase them neglected to send a deposit and has since stop all communication. If you wonder, just look at Bill Stearman's blog for more details. I knew it seemed too good to be true, but in this case I was hopeful.

I will post pictures of all the mature Shetlands in the next day or so.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lambs staying on our Farm!!

These are the 7 lambs that are staying on the farm - for now. I may change my mind later, but I want to observe their growth and colouring. I love the lambs, but hate making these decisions!!!

Enjoy the "eye candy" aka enjoy the lambs......

Windy Grange Ceallach
Dam: Fibre Works Easter
Sire: Willow Garden Rex Harrison

I cannot decide if she is Moorit or Musket. She has a blueish-grey tinge
to her fleece. I will have to do more investigating when I tag the lambs.
Edit: I am leaning toward Musket - she does have a mixture of white/brown fibres
coming when you look at the entire lock structure!

Windy Grange Conn
Dam: Nier Lakes 315405977 AI "Baker"
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet

This ram lamb is unique. We are unsure if he just has excess phaeomelain
or if he will stay "calico". We will wait and see. He is nearly 4 weeks old and
is not fading much at all!!

This is one of the quadruplets, Windy Grange Cookies & Cream.
Dam: Fibre Works Fiat
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet
Sale pending

Windy Grange Cappicino
Dam: Fibre Works Falerno
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet

The deal fell through on this gal who I thought was sold. She has a beautiful, very even crimp and her markings, Moorit spotted Gulmoget, is so unique that I just have to keep her!!!

Windy Grange Cairo
Dam: Willow Garden Anu
Sire: Windy Grange Apollo

Windy Grange Caoilinn
Dam: Willow Garden Aelwen *Sale Pending*
Sire: Windy Grange Apollo
I love her even crimp and her grey colouring. I am
unsure if she will stay spotted or not, but I do not care.
She is yummy to the eye and to the hand! :)
*Sale Pending*

Windy Grange Cass
Dam: Willow Garden Adella
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet

She is moorit and white with very few spots. Fleckett?? hmmm,
I will have to look into her markings. Yuglet for sure!