Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lambs staying on our Farm!!

These are the 7 lambs that are staying on the farm - for now. I may change my mind later, but I want to observe their growth and colouring. I love the lambs, but hate making these decisions!!!

Enjoy the "eye candy" aka enjoy the lambs......

Windy Grange Ceallach
Dam: Fibre Works Easter
Sire: Willow Garden Rex Harrison

I cannot decide if she is Moorit or Musket. She has a blueish-grey tinge
to her fleece. I will have to do more investigating when I tag the lambs.
Edit: I am leaning toward Musket - she does have a mixture of white/brown fibres
coming when you look at the entire lock structure!

Windy Grange Conn
Dam: Nier Lakes 315405977 AI "Baker"
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet

This ram lamb is unique. We are unsure if he just has excess phaeomelain
or if he will stay "calico". We will wait and see. He is nearly 4 weeks old and
is not fading much at all!!

This is one of the quadruplets, Windy Grange Cookies & Cream.
Dam: Fibre Works Fiat
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet
Sale pending

Windy Grange Cappicino
Dam: Fibre Works Falerno
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet

The deal fell through on this gal who I thought was sold. She has a beautiful, very even crimp and her markings, Moorit spotted Gulmoget, is so unique that I just have to keep her!!!

Windy Grange Cairo
Dam: Willow Garden Anu
Sire: Windy Grange Apollo

Windy Grange Caoilinn
Dam: Willow Garden Aelwen *Sale Pending*
Sire: Windy Grange Apollo
I love her even crimp and her grey colouring. I am
unsure if she will stay spotted or not, but I do not care.
She is yummy to the eye and to the hand! :)
*Sale Pending*

Windy Grange Cass
Dam: Willow Garden Adella
Sire: Nier Lakes Emmet

She is moorit and white with very few spots. Fleckett?? hmmm,
I will have to look into her markings. Yuglet for sure!

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