Friday, May 21, 2010

April Snowstorms brings .....

May Snowstorms!?!??!???

Well, it is our May long weekend - Victoria Day is Monday. We are notorious for wild weather this time of the year. We have had drought conditions for some time now and happily we have been getting much needed rain the past few days. Well, 24 hours of rain, some low pressure and cold conditions and what blew??? .... SNOW!!!

This shepherd does not care much what kind of moisture we get, we need it or the pasture will only be usable once. The ewes, rams and lambs??? well they are so not impressed! They are hiding in the shelters or near a fence, not wanting to move!! They finally got up to eat around 6 pm, I guess they figured they could wait out the storm?? Didn't think so!!!

I really wanted to tag, vaccinate, trim toes, etc. this long weekend but that will have to wait. I can finish some spinning and the tons of paperwork that has been waiting to be finished on a "rainy" day!

Apparently Bear, our black lab, doesn't think the weather, or I am, so funny!

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Jody said...

I can remember a few snowstorms in May when I lived in Alberta many moons ago. I personally would rather have that then the humid weather we will be getting next week!