Sunday, May 9, 2010

Orphaned and Re-adopted

This poor wee guy either was sent packing or wandered off again, only to be re-adopted by Issy (Fibre Works ISP). Issy had twins this morning, although I thought it was triplets until I dipped and found this guy was not a new born. He was already suckling, so I just thought he was 1st born. His markings were very familiar to me, although I have had a lot of black krunet lambs this year, I was suspicious. Lo and behold, his last adoptive mom only had two and was not looking for the wee guy. So, for now he is with Issy, although she is not so sure of him.

I have a friend looking for a bummer ram lamb, so if she visits the farm today I think I may send him with her. We have only 2 more ewes to lamb and I am sure they will both have twins. At least this sweetheart has had a good start to life and will be very spoiled at her farm. We will see what unfolds .... for now, he is with Issy.

EDIT: The poor little guy has been rejected yet again! He will be living at my g-friends farm where he will have lots of love and they encourage friendly animals of all sorts - cautiously friendly that is! ;0)

I guess all stories need happy endings, even if they are not the ending we intended!

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