Saturday, May 1, 2010

Colour Genetics

So, I will admit that I understand the very basics of colour genetics. This year I admit that I'm stumped with some of the wonderful spotted and katmoget patterns I am seeing. I did not use a katmoget ram in the breeding program and there is absolutely no way he had a chance to breed.

If you have any advice, suggestions or can just outright "splain it to me", please do!!

There, I've said it outloud for everyone to witness.

So, back to the books & pedigrees .....


Michelle said...

Are any of your sheep white, which could cover the katmoget pattern?

Vicki Foster said...

Well, the one mom is AI White. Bill says she's from Glayva, who is homozygous katmoget (although ED).

My ram, Windy Grange Apollo, is White Ilget. His dams sire was katmoget.

This could explain all but one lamb with katmoget markings. Fiat is katmoget but the sire has no katmoget in his pedigree, although is DDDS is Badger faced.