Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lambing Season was fast and furious!!

Lambing Season 2010 is complete!! It feels like it just started, what happened? I'm not even sure who hasn't been posted here yet. I do have pictures of 2010 sales lambs on my sales blog, check them out!!

Fibre Works Highwood (Nier Lakes Emmet) gave me lovely twins again this year. Surprisingly, they are black/white NOT Moorit or Mioget, which she usually produces. The black is pure black, so I doubt they are going to lighten up to Moorit!! WOW!!!

Ram lamb

Highwood with her ewe lamb

My favorite twins are Willow Garden Anu (Nier Lakes Emmet) ram and ewe lambs. I am not sure, but I think they are gulmoget, like their mom, but look at the face markings!! What would you call them????

Dark Moorit Ram Lamb

Moorit Ewe lamb

Their fleece is very even throughout!!

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