Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winter, summer, spring, back to winter and now moving into spring!!!

The weather here has been amazingly crazy. Winter settles down and SUMMER kicked in!! We had a few weeks of 20c + weather! I am sure the sheared Shetlands were mighty happy they did not have to freeze without their coats. Then, normal spring time weather showed up. Not so bad, 10c + type weather, great lambing weather! Well, next comes winter (again)!! This was what I woke up to a few days ago.

I am NOT complaining too loudly, my fellow shepherds in southern Alberta had a worse time of the springtime wintry blizzard. I thought for sure we would have some lambs, but the ewes held tight.

Last night was the coldest night we had in a month and a half, -10c. Well, when I went out for the 6am check & feeding I found an adorable set of twins.

Fibre Works Highwood gave me these wonderful black/white spotted lambs, one ewe (left) and on ram (left). They were mighty cold, the ram lambs back legs were icy and stiff. He was born last as he was very wet still when I found them. Both of their umbilical cords were starting to freeze. Into the barn and under the heat lamp they went!! Towel dry for the two and some hay & water for mom and all are doing well.

Then, this afternoon while I was at work, my husband found these two lovely ram lambs.

Windy Grange Annika, a first timer, had these two black krunet ram lambs. They have lovely wool and will both be for sale.

Just over half done lambing now - 6 more to go!!

I, unfortunately, want to be out with the lambs more but have just discovered that I have a sinus infection. No wonder the left side of my face wants to blow up!!

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