Sunday, September 12, 2010

Moving forward

So, the Shetlands are at their new homes. 14 rams, some lambs and some mature, had to be sent to the market. Thanks to the wonderful Shetland breeders, all of my ewes and a huge amount of my rams have found wonderful homes throughout Canada.

I have moved and started a new life in Edmonton, AB. I still have 40 of this years fleeces and have decided to keep the majority of them for my own use. I have two jobs, one part time and one casual both in my field of dentistry. I am a registered dental assistant and found it quite easy to find work here.

What's next? Who knows, but it is less stressful and lovely here in the city. My main blog, Windy Grange, will become my fibre arts blog. I am going to be taking some spinning courses, continue my research on ancient textiles and work on reproducing them by spinning and weaving reproduction textiles of my own. There is also tablet weaving to study and reproduce too!!

I am going to work on felted characters. A friend has also offered to teach me how to knit, although I know the basics, I cannot follow a pattern well.

So many projects, so little time!!

Thanks for your support!! Check in from time to time and see what fibre fun is on the plate.