Friday, May 29, 2009

Lambing Season not quite finished

Spring has definitely arrived at the Windy Grange. We have 25 lambs on the ground and one ewe holding out for something ... we haven't figured what that something is yet. ;0)

Our oldest ewe gave us triplets, making that three sets this lambing season! One ewe had a single, it was her first year lambing, and all the others had twins.

We lost one beautiful jet black ewe, she was a stillborn and one of the triplets. Her brother and sister are pure white!! We are pleased with the lambs that are such a beautiful variety of colours. Moorit, dark brown, katmogets, black, white and spotted are the colours we have in abundance! One may turn from black to grey, her mom is shaela. I'm still working on the genetics of colour so each year is an experiment!!

Our rams have some great genetics, one being AI with UK genetics. Pictures will be posted soon. If interested in stock, take a look at the Windy Grange Stock Sale blog.

Happy Spring!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What happened???

What happened to spring, summer & fall? This is what we awoke to this morning:

The lambs think it's cool! The 5 ewes left to lamb don't think it is though. I hope they can wait until tomorrow when the temperatures will be warmer and really, waiting to the end of the week would be better because of all the mud that will arrive after the melt.

Words cannot describe ... happy day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

End of lambing - Phase I

Last in our first phase of lambing came these two lovely
ewe & ram twins! Their crimp is tight and they are a lovely
colour and confirmation. They were born Friday, May 8th.

Fibre Works Highwood X Whistlestop 0531 AI (Willie)

The lovely spring weather seems to be fighting with Father Winter,
they are predicting snow tonight. Not to fear, it will melt
by the afternoon. The rain/snow is welcomed as we have
been extremely dry for a few years now. Here's hoping
for better pastures this year.

16 lambs on the ground (10 ram/6 ewe lambs) from 8 ewes.

Lambing - Phase II should begin in a week or so ... 5 to go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

5 more in 18 hours!!

Wednesday night I knew that my ewe was in labour. 11:00 p.m. came and went and she was still in labour. I took a nap knowing that it would be in the wee hours when she delivered and I was right. Just before 2:00 a.m. I found these two jet black ram lambs just born! They got dried off and booted into the Nursery pen and they are all doing well.

Fibre Works Falerno X Whistlestop 0531 AI (Willie)

The goal with this pairing was to get a crimply jet black fleece
free of white fibres.

I came home from work yesterday, cooked supper then went to give the
ewes their "snack". It's light here until 10:00 p.m. none of the sheep know
why I don't give them more food. It's light afterall!! So, I've taken to
giving them their hay twice a day. This seems to be working well with
all the sheep. They are never without food and they are not
over conditioned! Anyhow, behold in the shelter there was
my Fiat with triplet ram lambs!!

I've been Fiat's pesonal massage therapist for the
past week and a half! I've been waiting for these lambs.

Fibre Works Fiat X Whistlestop 0531 AI (Willie)

14 lambs on the ground from 7 ewes with 6 left to go!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

and lambing continues ...

Today I came home and found these two lovely ram lambs.

Fibre Works Eureka X Fibre Works Isidor

9 lambs on the ground from 5 ewes, 8 more to go! Oh, and one ewe
is in active labour - I think. They fooled me before, but then again, I
have thought she would have lambed by now. She's nesting and I think
her water has broke. I'll go check again in a few minutes to see what I can see!!

Happy lambing!

Monday, May 4, 2009

More Lambs!

These two cuties (ewe and ram lamb) were actually a
set of triplets. I had to pull a black ewe lamb
who was already dead. They were born this afternoon.
Mom and "twins" are doing fine!

Fibre Works Fonteyn X Fibre Works Isidor

7 lambs on the ground, 9 more ewes to lamb.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


This was our first born ewe lamb (unnamed) of the season!
First timer is a delightful and
attentive mom.

Milehaus Clare X Fibre Works Isidor

Our first set of twins of the season. Yearling mom
is doing well keeping these very active ewe and ram lambs
(yet unnamed) in her site. They are loving the lamb games that started
in the nursery pen.

Fibre Works ISP X Willow Garden Rex Harrison

These cute ewe lamb twins (also unnamed) were born May 1st.

Fibre Works Easter X Whistlestop 0531 AI ("Willie")

10 more to go!!