Friday, May 29, 2009

Lambing Season not quite finished

Spring has definitely arrived at the Windy Grange. We have 25 lambs on the ground and one ewe holding out for something ... we haven't figured what that something is yet. ;0)

Our oldest ewe gave us triplets, making that three sets this lambing season! One ewe had a single, it was her first year lambing, and all the others had twins.

We lost one beautiful jet black ewe, she was a stillborn and one of the triplets. Her brother and sister are pure white!! We are pleased with the lambs that are such a beautiful variety of colours. Moorit, dark brown, katmogets, black, white and spotted are the colours we have in abundance! One may turn from black to grey, her mom is shaela. I'm still working on the genetics of colour so each year is an experiment!!

Our rams have some great genetics, one being AI with UK genetics. Pictures will be posted soon. If interested in stock, take a look at the Windy Grange Stock Sale blog.

Happy Spring!

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