Wednesday, June 4, 2008

April Showers bring May flowers, but June brings ...

June brings long green grass for the sheep to graze upon. So far, all it going GREAT! I love my Shetlands and their lambs. I try to spend lots of time with them, so they are used to me being around which makes working with them so much easier. Highwood and Falerno love their scratches, and Issy always needs to join in! She hates missing anything that inquisitive ewe.

The lambs are getting used to me being around and love gathering around to nibble on a shoe or a finger. A few have found the love of scratches!! Even the rams come to the gate for a few scratches.

Here some of the lambs are enjoying my chair! They nibble on my backside until I get up so they can play with their toy!!

Selling them breaks my heart, but it must be done! I've posted all sale lambs on a new blog made especially for that purpose. You can find it here:

I've been waiting for a promised thunder storm, it's been disappointing because I've seen two flashes of lightening. Well, time for sleep, morning comes way too early!


Cheryl said...

your lambs are so cute!!! what a fun thing to do. It will definitely be sad to see them go.

Nan said...

Adorable babies! We were over to see them and the kittens/cats the other day. I also was over earlier but nobody was home so I didn't go in the pen or see the kits.