Sunday, May 25, 2008

First seasons Lambs!!

9 lambs; 5 rams and 4 ewes. I originally had thought I would have bred for lighter coloured lambs with some having markings similar to the rams, but I ended up with a lot of black and brown lambs. I love them all and they each have their own unique qualities. The best part is they are all healthy and growing like weeds.

This is Windy Grange Arlo, one of the triplets. He has turned into a lovely dark brown ram.

This is his sister, Windy Grange Almira. She remained black with a bit of white on her head (black krunet?).

This is Windy Grange Arabica. She's a beautiful moorit.

This is Windy Grange Aedan. He is brown and white (moorit yuglet/flecket?).

This is Windy Grange Augustus. He also remained black, although you can see a small wisp of white on the top of his head.

He was the last to name because we wanted a fitting name for this survivor. He was one of the triplets, but mom rejected him a day and a half after his birth. But this boy is no bottle lamb!! We had Fibre Works Highwood adopt him. She wasn't sure but let him nurse immediately. It was a rocky 3 days, but after we let them out with the rest of the flock her maternal instincts raced in and she protected him from the other ewes.

This is Windy Grange Apollo. He's our first born and is growing like a weed!! He has four black spots on his upper torso and one on the end of each ear. He also has black around his left eye (not seen in this photo). (Yuglet/Ilget??)

The two black ewes are twins, Windy Grange Annika and Windy Grange Annya. They are jet black - I have seen no signs of white in their wool!! The moorit is Windy Grange Arabica.

Here we see Windy Grange Ainvar (front and back views). He is hard to name colour wise. His head and legs are snow white, except around his nose and mouth. On the back of his neck he has a fawn coloured spot and his body is the lightest fawn, almost white. He has a small brown spot near his two front knees. Any ideas of his colouring? Let me know.

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I would guess your Ainvar is white with phaeomelanin. After all, the genetic designation for white is Awt, which stands for "white with tan." He looks nice!