Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thus closes our first lambing season

Welcome another ewe. She's chocolate brown and weighed in at 2 1/2 pounds! What small lambs we have had this year!

Sire Fibre Works Indiana Jones, dam Fibre Works Highwood. Highwood is a new mom, but is doing fine.

Last but never least, TRIPLETS!! Who'd have thought that Fonteyn was going to have triplets?!!! Really, her milk bag was huge, but I guess I am still new at this. Two rams (2.5 and 3 pounds) and a ewe (3 pounds). Mom was having trouble keeping the three active darlings together while she was cleaning them, and the littlest ram went wandering. One of the other moms knocked him head over tea kettle, so into the barn for the night so they can bond. The firstborn was acting a bit wobbly, so I milked mom and drenched him with her colustrum. They are all doing fine now!!

Sire Fibre Works Indiana Jones, dam Fibre Works Fonteyn.

Thus concludes lambing season at the Windy Grange. Total count - 5 rams - 4 ewes.

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