Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring has not sprung

Spring has not sprung, so they tell me. I'm in Palm Springs with my husband having a holiday before the fun of shearing and lambing begins.

I'm told there has been snow falling since we left. I feel a bit guilty leaving my girls the last 7 weeks of their pregnancy, but they are in great hands!! I'll be home before they realize I'm gone.

Shearing is going to be interesting, it may have to wait until after the snow goes. I don't have a large enough barn for all my fellas and gals to keep them dry. I'm sure the shearer won't be coming out in the snow either!! It's still early, things can change in two or three weeks!! Lambing isn't scheduled until the very end of April - beginning of May.

We've lost a llama last week, poor fella. The vet was out and said he most likely had a metabolic problem since he was a hybrid (llama/alpaca mix) or a twisted gut/intestine. Nothing contagious, but the poor thing died before he could be put down.

As you can see he had the most gorgeous wool!! I was so looking forward to spinning it and colour was so reddish brown it made me drool. Oh well, some things cannot be helped.

While the vet was out, he checked on the condition of some of the pregnant older ewes and they have good body condition, so yay!! This is important as it is only our second season of lambing and it's always good to know we're doing things right!

Everyone is teasing me with their postings of their lambs and I'm getting so very excited to see what my girls will have this year!! So cute and so wonderful! Shetlands are so addictive ...

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