Saturday, October 17, 2009

Winter, then Fall, then Winter, then Fall again!!!!

The weather is crazy!! -8c has been the coldest so far, but brrrrrrrrrrr ... and still the fall clean up isn't complete. We've had some snow, but it mostly melted today.

We just had the flock vet come out for our annual Scrapie inventory and check. Other than one case of pink eye, one ram that misbehaved and our older ewe's body condition being a little low, all looks good.

I LOVE our flock vet, she's AWESOME!! She is so good with our animals, she even did our guard dog's, Bear, physical and vaccinations while she was here. Mostly because he doesn't not travel well and she scolded me a bit last time she was here. But, how many vets would do such a thing??

I found out that the vet was learning how to felt wool, so I gifted her 1/2 lb. carded Shetland wool from one of our butchered lambs. She gifted me with my very own felted wool lamb!!

So, during the vets visit we found that my dear Heidiwho is now 13 years young, is a bit thin. She is missing most of her teeth, with a few more ready to fall out. We've started her on alfalfa/beet/rolled oat mash and she LOVES it! I'm hoping to put enough weight on her before the weather gets colder. We are now best of friends. I open the feed barn door, she comes in and waits for her mash. It works out great this way so I can keep her pen mates away from her so she doesn't have to fight them for the yummy mixture. When she is done, she looks around, gets some scratches and then walks out. We give her her own little pile of hay that she happilies "gums"!

I'm posting some new pictures of my lambs on the sale blog site. (

This guy isn't for sale, but I wanted to show him off!

This is Windy Grange Bronte. I'm in love with his fleece. His dam, Fibre Works Fiat, has a more "primative" fleece. His sire, "Willie", has UK genetics and a very crimpy fleece. Bronte is sporting his dams longer fleece with a nice crimp that both dam and sire passed to him. YUM!

Other farm news - our llama, Bran, decided to go for a walk about the yard. He "escaped" and rather than chase him all over, we just let him wander about as long as he didn't head toward the road. Well, when he was done with his walk about, he returned to the gate of his pen and waited until we let him back in. Yay for well behaved llamas!!

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