Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dry, dry, dry ...

We've barely have had rain since the lovely few May showers.

Then some on June 9th (two hours worth)
and after that June 27th (half a day worth).

Other than that, some rain showers and that is all. A total of 3/10ths of an inch since May!!

This is what some of our paddocks look like.

This is even with us watering them daily!! I'm afraid our Shetlands will be on hay by next week. There are a few areas of grass that we have Electronet fenced so that they can have as much fresh grass as possible.

On another note, I've decided that we will be breeding for two different fleece types. The beautiful intermediate fleece that everyone dearly loves AND the longer primitive fleece.

Welcome Fibre Works Fiat and Eureka to our farm!!

They both have a more primitive fleece. I want to keep to the breed standard of a soft handling wool, but keep breeding for the longer double coat that still has some crimp. Now to find a ram that fits the same qualities that these girls do. I've been talking to Kathy at Nier Lakes and she may have just what I'm looking for!

The lambs are growing like weeds.

Here's Windy Grange Apollo our White Yuglet/Ilget. He's our first born
lamb to our farm!

The new lambs wanting out of their Q pen. Monday babies, on Monday you can go play with the other lambs.

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