Monday, July 14, 2008

Rain Please!

It hasn't rained in three weeks and although it was supposed to rain (70% chance perception), it's mainly drizzled on and off (mostly off) for the day. At least it's not windy for a change. We are praying for rain. If we don't get it, we will not have enough pasture after the next 2 weeks (if that if it gets hot 32c again). I may be purchasing more hay then I originally expected. I'm praying for rain!

We have our 4 sheep from Ontario in quarantine along with three others. Two ewes with a more primitive fleece (double coated and long) but still remains in the breed standard. The other is a lamb ram which is just staying with us until I deliver him to his home in 100 Mile House later this summer. I was headed there then to look at a few other ewes to add to my flock.

Being a new Shetland breeder has it's ups and downs. Mostly ups I might add, but being new means not much exposure and so far we haven't sold any of our lambs, but we've had some inquiries. I am still hopeful!

It's weaning time and it's been a wee bit noisy. They lambs were mostly weaned by their moms, but being seperated has caused some stress. It's quieter today, so everyone is getting used to the seperation. I know the moms are more than pleased, they check in once and a while, but it's the lambs that are bleating the most!

Haven't had time for new pictures except these from at least 3 weeks ago.

This is Apollo, our first born lamb. He broke his left horn a month ago.

This is Aedan, our second born lamb. He's quite the looker
and is lighter moorit than what shows in this photo.

Last, but never least, our gelded Llama. He is skittish, but friendly.
He comes for oats, but will mainly stay away from us humans.
He is the best guard llama you could ask for. He even trains
the young llamas, and is doing an amazing job at it!!

I have to say, between our black lab and the llamas, we've yet to have any preditors come near to the fencing. The coyotes are close, but they stay far enough away. Good boys (and mom llama), keep up the good work!!

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Nancy K. said...

I hope you get the rain that you need!

Your lambs are growing up so beautifully. Isn't it amazing how quickly they grow?

Congratulations on having an effective "predator control system"! My heart goes out to those shepherds whose flocks get picked off one at a time...