Saturday, December 27, 2008

While two breeding groups have now been seperated, two others will be put together in the next day or so. Here's hoping that the mingling of these two breeding groups due to a fence failure did not result in any actual breeding. They were mingled for only a few hours, my husband (luckily) came home for lunch and caught the problem and seperated the rams from the ewes until I got home that evening.

I'm offically on the Scrapie Canada program now! Start date was marked as October 1 and I really haven 't had to change any of my record keeping. Now to get my premise ID, which is now required in Canada starting Januarly 1, 2009. Happy New Year!

We also sent of our lambs to visit "Uncle Bob" aka our local butcher. Although I will miss the lambs, I can say they are delicious!

I would have posted pictures in this entry, but for some odd reason the picture upload was not working. Oh, well, next time I'll post a few!

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