Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fence Failure

Well, the breeding groups were moved and two days later we had a fence failure. Heavy winds did damage to a portable fence that we used to seperate a large pen into two. With the help of the rams, the groups intermingled and that was that. The rams were penned, the ewes moved to their own pen, the fence is now fixed and we wait.

I certainly hope there was no time for breeding, with the rams fighting each other over "their" girls, but there is no way to know until lambing season.

Rex and Indiana (above) are impatiently waiting to be put back into their breeding groups.
We wait 3 weeks and start over. Here's hoping .... even though I know one ewe was receptive to her ram as soon as we put them together. I see DNA testing in our future!!!

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Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Oh dear, I hope you can find a cheaper place to do it in Canada! UC-Davis charges $40/animal -- and you have to test all three (sire, dam, and lamb) to know paternity on a lamb! Of course, once you do the test on a ram, you have his results to check against all other lambs you suspect may be his, but you'll still need to do the dam on each lamb....