Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Adventures of three chicks and a lamb ...

Two chicks were watering the sheep. One ram lamb had a icky looking eye. The two chicks decided to investigate and while one chick went to get antibiotics, the other chick decided to try to catch the lamb. When the chick with the antibiotics returned, the other chick had caught the lamb, but tripped and fell thus releasing the lamb. *sigh*

The two chicks run after the lamb, who hid by his mom and brothers. The two chicks corner the mom and lambs - Yay! Well, the mom escaped with one of the lambs, the other two decided to try to escape through the electric fence thus sending jolts through the one chick. One lamb escaped, but the injured lamb was captured and looked after. Unfortunately, the lamb had a HUGE cut on his eyelid needing stitches, on a Saturday evening - Oy!

So the two chicks put the lamb into the nursery and went to call the vet. She was pissy with the one chick, but agreed to come in but had to emphasize that she charged $100 just to meet at the office - in GP no less!!! *le sigh* So, the two chicks get ready to leave and the third chick decided to come along for the fun.

So, two chicks decide that the pregnant chick should NOT hold the lamb, he may kick her and she is, after all, pregnant! So, the three chicks get into the truck with the lamb and head to GP to see the vet.

Not far down the road the chick with the lambs says the lamb just pooped. "Are you sure?," ask the other two chicks, and she replies, "yes, they hit my foot and bounced off, I am sure." Just then, the pregnant chick opens the window in disgust and states that the smell is so horrid, "... pull over and get rid of the poo or I'm going to puke," so we did.

We giggled the rest of the trip to GP and we were nearly to the vets office this chick with the lamb states, " leg is feeling awfully warm, I think the lamb peed on me." "What did you do with the towel I gave you to wrap him in?" the chick in the drivers seat asked. "I think it moved when the lamb tried to kick me..." the chick with the lamb stated. The pregnant chick laughed.

We got to the vet office, in one piece I may add, and the chick in the drivers seat grabs the lamb and jets in to see the vet. The other two chicks join us in the vets office where the one chick says, "I hope you weren't intending to wear your green sweatshirt that was in the truck ..." The three chicks laugh, the vet looked confused.

Then the vet gives the three chicks instructions on the care of the lamb. You try putting ointment into the eye of a lamb that you can hardly catch!! Oh, and the "dye" in the eye of the lamb will not harm his cornea, it is meant for the eyes of sheep! It is, after all, a antiseptic and has a bit of dye in it so you can see that you got it in their eye!! Duh!

During the entire drive to the vet, all three chicks were discussing food. It was late, after all, and we hadn't eaten in a long time. I don't think the lamb was thrilled that we thought of going to the Greek restaurant and offerning him as food was such a nice thing. Meh.

The story ends with the vet fixing the lamb, the three chicks end up with pita's because everything else was closed and the lamb happily returns to his mommy!

Post Note: The lamb's eye is healing nicely and the nice vet used stitches that will dissolve! :0)

PSS ... After writing the Post Note, the said lamb had ripped the corner of his eye and has been back to the vet. She figures it will heal nicely this time and that he hasn't lost much of his eyelid. This time he wet upon my friend Lance! lol Oh, the adventures I have with my friends with my Shetlands!

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