Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lambs, ewes and rams ...

It is, afterall, a blog about a Shetland Sheep Farm! :)

I've listed several 2009 lambs and two mature ewes on my other blog (http://windygrangebreedstocksales.blogspot.com/) Take a look and let me know what you think about my lambs.

Windy Grange Farm is also pleased to have brought in a new mature ram, Nier Lakes Emmet S28304! He has Dailley genetics and has a slightly more primative fleece than my other rams. He and my ewes with a similar fleece should produce some lovely lambs.

I've sold off most of this years fleeces and realized I only saved myself ONE!! The few others are for teaching. I did purchase a few fleeces from the Olds Fibre Week Fleece Show and Sale, so I should have enough to keep me busy.

Tomorrow we move hay. I guess I should say, the boys move hay. Because of my lacerated & sutured hand, I'm unable to toss the small bales (and was strongly lectured by the ER doctor not to). So, I get to supervise and to BBQ for the hungry boys. Luckily, we have hay and it's from the producer I like to purchase from. His hay is some of the best in the area!! It always tests at the high ends for protein and other micro/macro nutrients!

Thursday I need to move the ewes and lambs. It's nearing time to seperate the older lambs, but that will have to wait until next week. This week? we are going camping!

Have a happy week.

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