Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick update ...

Lambing season has come and gone. 27 live lambs and one stillborn to 13 ewes. Since, we've been busy, busy, busy ...

We are in a drought again! I was sure we'd be feeding hay again next week, then the clouds opened up and blessed us with 3 inches of rain over the last week and a half!! Now for a little warmth and the pastures will be in good shape for the Shetlands!! Unfortunately, the hay crop is lacking so some farmers are scrambling to train or truck in hay from the East. I'm fortunate that our neighbour is our hay supplier. He normally bales (small squares) 9,000 but only baled 1,500 this year. Our hay is being picked up Wednesday, now I'm set for the winter - or earlier if need be.

I've also injured my hand. My husband has been after me to use leather gloves, but I so hate wearing any type of gloves when I work. What happen you ask?? Well, I was moving a ram into the trailer and he tried to scoot under the trailer door and, having him by the horns, my hands/arms went with him. I scooted him back under the door to load him into the trailer when I realized I was bleeding. So, in the trailer he goes, the doors get closed and I inform my friend it was time to go to the hospital for sutures.

I spent a week down at Olds College for Fibre Week. While in Olds I was able to see Linda Wendelboe, who let me come to her farm to see her Shetlands. Thanks Linda! I had a wonderful time chatting, you farm is lovely. It was also great to see and pet a few Shetlands, I always start missing my gals so! I've finally learned to use my wheel properly, so as soon as the hand heals I'll be spinning to the hearts content! I purchased lots of toys, some fleeces and met some wonderful people. I cannot wait to go back next year.

More updates later, but I will leave you with a picture of my orphan ewe lambs. Aren't they lovely?? They are becoming extremely friendly, perhaps I should continue to work with them to be show Shetlands?? Now to find a show ... lol

We took the ewe lambs to a family gathering because I thought my nephews and niece would enjoy seeing and petting them. I found there were more children there, cousins children. The Shetland lambs were a HIT!! I'm still the coolest Auntie "ever"! As you see, they no longer fit in a box, so it's time to find a large dog carrier for them.

While at the family gathering at the lake cabin, a storm blew through. Huge chunks of hail pelted us! I ran in the house, looked out the window to see hail pelting the poor lambs!! My husband and I ran back out into the hail storm to save the poor things! They were very happy to be back in their "box" and out of the hail. When the storm was over, this is what was left.

The pen where the lambs were. Look at the size of that hail!!!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Poor lambies! Although if they had tucked their heads under each other, their wooly backs would probably have handled the hail okay.

I'm a bit envious that you got to see Linda and her flock of modified Shetlands. But it would have been hard not to bring one or a few home....

Vicki Foster said...

I don't know Michelle, the hail was pelting us all so hard we were all yelping from it!

Trust me, I had my trailer with me as I was picking up a ram from Kathy Baker at Nier Lakes and Linda had a lovely grey ewe that I really wanted to bring home. I lost my grey (thus the orphans) and desperately want to replace her. It was difficult ... but maybe I'll go back in September.