Friday, April 23, 2010

Fleeces, Shearing, and dogs - but NO lambs.

Shearing day has come and gone, it was a whirlwind of a day. Many thanks to my friends who came over to lend a hand since my husband was not able to be home to help. New shearers (there were two going at the same time!) this year who sheared 44 Shetlands, 3 Gotland/Finn/Shetlands, 1 Suffolk mix, 2 Romney mix and two llamas! WOW!

I was going to start skirting my fleeces this past Wednesday, which was my day off of work (I am a dental assistant working extra hours to cover for a co-worker who had surgery) BUT the wind had another idea for me. I like to skirt outside, much tidier that way AND it gives me the opportunity to sit with my pregnant ewes to observe and give them much love during the day.

My dog, Bear, a lovely lab/Pyrenees mix, earned his keep yet again! He laid chase to a sneaky fox who was either investigating the sheep pens OR looking for the barn cats. Regardless, Bear is keeping an eye on such matters!!

This is Floppy, a young female llama who joined our flock (herd) last fall. She is named for her ridiculous ears that have not developed properly and "flop" all the time. She is mighty happy that she was not one of the chosen llamas for shearing this year.

Well, time for work at "work". Perhaps this weekend there will be skirting, and maybe lambs!??!?!?!?! Here is to hoping anyhow.

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