Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Morning, two sets of twins .....

Good Morning Wednesday!! Today was the day that "Bob", the butcher, came to visit at our farm. When we awoke to make ready for "Bob", I discovered not one but TWO sets of twins!! The twins were sharing moms for feeding, which was confusing to the moms and to us. Luckily, I could tell one set was "older" than the others (already dry compared to very wet), so I separated the older twin and mom and everyone is bonding well.

This is the older set of twin from Fibre Works Easter, two ewe lambs!

These two are from Fibre Works Falerno, one ram lamb (black, left) and one ewe lamb (moorit, right).

Lamb count for Windy Grange is 8 lambs from 3 ewes, 6 ewe lambs and 2 ram lambs! Could this be the year of the ewe??? {{fingers crossed}}

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Nurse Pickles said...

You need to name the little brownie chocolate. For me!