Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hold on to your hats ...

Hold on to your hats folks, today has been a whirlwind!! It's rained on and off all day, but the certainly hasn't interfered with lambing.Two more sets of twins this evening with another (or 2) in some stage of labour (not hard labour but ...)!!

This big boy is going to be special!! Very even crimp throughout ... mmmmmm...
His mom, Nier Lakes 315405977 AI aka "Baker" (because she is originally one of Kathy Baker's)
and his Sire is our very first born lamb, Windy Grange Apollo.

This little guy loves to play "peek a boo" under his mom!! He is much smaller than the
first and where in the world did the Katmoget markings come from?? My only Katmoget
ram was tightly put away from all the ewes until WAY after breeding season!! Can they breed through plywood?? Could it be possible to have the Katmoget gene from the rams background "pop" out at any time??? Must I do DNA testing?? Very confused with the genetics at this point.

These two are from Whoopi, my Gotland/Finn/Shetland ewe. I love this X-breed's wool (~6" staple with a lovely loose crimp) !! The black is a ram and the moorit is a ewe.

Thus the lamb count is 12, 5 rams and 7 ewe lambs. Come on gals, we need more ewe lambs!!!


Jody said...

I also have a Gotland/Shetland/Finn ewe and I think they may have come from the same place. May I ask who is the sire of your G/S/F ewe? Did you breed her to a Sheltland or was it AI?

Bill Stearman said...

Nier Lakes 315405977 AI is a Glayva daughter. Grayva is homozygous katmoget, although ED. Baker is Awt/Ab ... but since Awt is dominant, she appears white. To me, these double patterned ewes are a prize. I'd LOVE to have her to breed to my ED black ram ... or to breed AI to my Hornblower semen.

Dang this geography thing!

Vicki Foster said...

So Bill, are you saying that you can get a katmoget marked lamb without having a katmoget sire it?? This genetic stuff is confusing! Someday I hope to understand it as well as you, Linda, Kathy and the rest of the breeder do!!