Wednesday, April 28, 2010


More pictures of our quadruplets! Fibre Works Fiat and her lovely 3 ewe and 1 ram lambs.

This little ewe lamb has droopy ears, but that is all that is wrong with this little fighter. She was probably one of the weakest (we had 2 larger and 2 smaller lambs) ewe lambs, but certainly not to be under estimated. Once she warmed up under the heat lamp (thus the reddish tint to the pictures) and got her fill of colostrum, she is every bit as feisty as her siblings. Her only brother is a cutie! Lovely and soft as corn starch wool and his colouring is so adorable. He is one of the larger lambs.

Here the brown/white "droopy" eared ewe lamb decides to explore the jug with her sister.

Another ewe lamb from the same group. Where did she come from?? Her sire is black/white. This gal is a looker, also one of the smaller of the 4 lambs, but just as rambunctious as the rest!

"Are you talking about me??
I know I'm a looker, just wait until I'm older!"

Oh, never mind, I just need another drink ... so thirsty!!!

Fibre Works Fiat is an excellent mom. She raised triplets last year and surprised us with the quads this year. She is not impressed that I try to bring supplemental bottles to her lambs. She consistently makes sure all 4 of her lambs get their time to feed.

I still introduce the bottles to the lambs ... just in case ....

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Michelle said...

Seems like quite a number of quads this year! I think they would make me a nervous wreck; so glad yours are doing so well. I'm hoping for triplets out of my final ewe, but would be happy with twins -- as long as they are both GIRLS!